The 19th International Symposium on Principles and Practice of Declarative Programming will take place 9 - 12 October 2017 in Namur, Belgim

PPDP 2017 is a forum that brings together researchers from the declarative programming communities, including those working in the functional, logic, answer-set, and constraint programming paradigms. The goal is to stimulate research in the use of logical formalisms and methods for analyzing, performing, specifying, and reasoning about computations, including mechanisms for concurrency, security, static analysis, and verification.

Important Dates

Early Registration Deadline: 15 Sept 2017 at Registration
Symposium: 9 - 11 October 2017

Invited Speakers

Serge Abiteboul (Inria): Issues in Ethical Data Management
Sumit Gulwani (Microsoft): Programming by Examples: Applications, Algorithms, and Ambiguity Resolution
Marieke Huisman (University of Twente): A Verification Technique for Deterministic Parallel Programs

Test of Time Award -- given to a paper published at PPDP 2007:

Leslie De Konick, Tom Schrijvers and Bart Demoen: User-definable rule priorities for CHR

PPDP 2017 Accepted Papers

Amos Robinson and Ben Lippmeier. Machine fusion: merging merges, more or less
Thomas Winant, Jesper Cockx and Dominique Devriese. Expressive and Strongly Type-Safe Code Generation
David Sabel. Alpha-Renaming of Higher-Order Meta-Expressions
Luis Aguirre, Narciso Marti-Oliet, Miguel Palomino and Isabel Pita. Conditional Narrowing Modulo SMT and Axioms
Jacek Chrząszcz and Aleksy Schubert. Function definitions for compound values in object-oriented languages
Jacob Howe, Ed Robbins and Andy King. Theory Learning with Symmetry Breaking
Beniamino Accattoli and Bruno Barras. Environments and the Complexity of Abstract Machines
Yann Regis-Gianas, Thibaut Girka and David Mentré. Verifiable Semantic Difference Languages
Yann Regis-Gianas and Paul Laforgue. Copattern-matchings and first-class observations in OCaml, with a macro
Ulrich Schöpp. Defunctionalisation as Modular Closure Conversion
Claudio Antares Mezzina and Jorge A. Pérez. Causally Consistent Reversible Choreographies: A Monitors-as-Memories Approach
Wilmer Ricciotti. A Core Calculus for Provenance for Provenance Inspection
Jose Espirito Santo and Silvia Ghilezan. Characterization of strong normalizability for a sequent lambda calculus with co-control
Fred Mesnard, Etienne Payet and German Vidal. Selective Unification in Constraint Logic Programming
Olivier Savary Bélanger and Andrew W. Appel. Shrink Fast Correctly!
Nicos Angelopoulos and Jan Wielemaker. Accessing biological data as Prolog facts
Christopher Meiklejohn, Vitor Enes, Junghun Yoo, Carlos Baquero, Peter Van Roy and Annette Bieniusa. Lasp, Two Years After – An Experience Report
Roman Barták and Adrien Maillard. Attribute Grammars with Set Attributes and Global Constraints as a Unifying Framework for Planning Domain Models



Accepted papers will be included in the proceedings, which will be published in the ACM International Conference Proceedings Series, available in the ACM Digital Library. Authors are encouraged to publish auxiliary material with their paper (technical appendixes, source code, scripts, test data, etc.).

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Travel and Local Information

PPDP'2017 will take place in Namur, Belgium. For registration, accommodation, and travel information, check local travel information.

Local Organizer: Wim Vanhoof, Faculté d'Informatique, Université de Namur, Namur, Belgium
Email: wim.vanhoof@unamur.be