Teaching the Art of Functional Programming


This is the companion webpage to the paper Teaching the Art of Functional Programming Using Automated Grading (Experience Report), as submitted to ICFP '19.

In the report, we detail our experience in using the Learn-OCaml online programming platform to deliver and grade assignments for the second-year computer science course COMP 302: Programming Languages and Paradigms at McGill university. We describe extensions that we have implemented for the platform in order to make it easier for instructors to write automated graders, and we make available a repository of assignments and associated graders that we have written for other instructors to use with the Learn-OCaml platform.



This project was started by Aliya Hameer under the supervision of Prof. Brigitte Pientka at McGill University.


This work was supported by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), grant number 206263, and the OCaml Software Foundation, grant number 249299.